Full restoration of Oldtimer cars

- Upholstery

- Carpet

- Acquisition and replacement of convertible tops

- Polishing

- Body correction

- Engine, shift knob, landing gear restoration

- Sand blasting, galvanization, sintering

- Buying and administration of Oldtimer cars

We still provide the following car upholstery services:

- Leather wheels, shift knobs, dashboards.

- Leather seats, fabric upholstery of seats, seat restoration.

- Replacement of headliners, door panels, carpets.

- Leather and fabric seats for scooters and motorcycles.

- Labelling and embroidery of car and motorcycle seats.

- Car seat heater installation.

- Creating and repairing convertible tops.

- Painting and repairing leather seats. 


The competence of our partners and subcontractors contribute to the shop’s highest-quality services. We are hereby thankful for them.

You can do it yourself too...

Simple reparations or decorations often can be done at home, however, in case of modern car technology these may not be so easy to achieve. Let’s just think about the complex electronic systems or modern optical communication, airbags and motorized seats. We have a lot of work after such tinkering.
It is not accidental that a leather car interior cost as much as an experienced and well-equipped workshop claims for this process.
It is not only the machines, tools, materials and devoted time that you pay for but the know-how and the useful advice as well.